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Eliwood's Usual Morning Chapter Two

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Jun. 6th, 2007 | 06:58 pm
posted by: sailorvfan10 in fe_parodyfic

Title: Eliwood's Usual Morning
Parody of: "Usagi's Usual Morning" by Jeffrey "One-Shot" Wong
Authors: </a></b></a>sarajayechan and </a></b></a>sailorvfan10
Game: Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken
Pairing: Eliwood/Hector/Sain/Erk/Rath orgy
Rating: T for TL;DR [M]
Warnings: TL;DR description of body parts, AU, gushing love juices, masturbation, orgies
Notes: WE'RE NOT ON CRACK OR ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES. So no, we won't share the stash of drugs. We don't have any. BUT I DO HAVE MOUNTAIN DEW. Also, this is a lemon. Reading this may cause pain in certain parts of your body, namely your head as you beat it against the wall. Enjoy!

Note: This is a lemon. Reading it will cause pain because it's extremely redundant and the descriptions are crude. Enjoy!
Eliwood leaned back against the couch and moaned like a tiger in heat as Rath sucked his throbbing dick like a Hoover. Eliwood's legs were spread wide open as Rath continued to suck his dick like a straw.
 "Oh!" Eliwood moaned, pinching one of his own nipples (as opposed to pinching someone else's).
"Oh that feels DIVIIIIINE!" he moaned as Rath fondled his swollen balls and ran his tongue all around his dick. Pleasure bolts surged through him like someone had cast a Thunder spell, but it wasn't painful because it felt sooooo good! Rath sucked him off like the world was going to end any second. Eliwood's manly scent flooded the air. Rath was licking circles around Eliwood's cock and balls, assaulting the red head's defenseless staff of impregnation. As Rath was pleasuring Eliwood like there was no tomorrow, he felt someone else's moist cavern close around his own throbbing dick. He knew it was Sain. Although Rath almost thought it was Hector, the moment someone else's moist cavern close around his own throbbing dick he knew it was Sain because...well, Sain had a very distinct dick-sucking technique. Rath placed two fingers into Eliwood's ass and noticed how easy they went in. Then again, Eliwood was fucked up the ass plenty of times before.

 But he was still a virgin. Shut up, it only counts if he fucks a girl. If women can eat each other out and still be virgins, men can fuck each other up the ass and still be virgins. EQUALITY~!!
 Ahem! Anyway, Sain sucked on the head of Rath's dick and squeezed the shaft with his fingers, bringing the green-head great pleasure. Rath moaned, causing vibrations to surge up Eliwood's sword, which caused him to moan really loud. Ugh, someone get him a gag. Anyway, Sain was lying on the floor underneath Rath's virgin pole, sucking it like a two cent whore. The green pubic hair was mussed with sweat and saliva as Sain's head bobbed up and down the green haired boy's arrow. Rath's sucking increased which caused Eliwood to buck his hips into Rath's mouth. Sain moaned around Rath's cock as he felt a tongue swabbing along the length of his own manhood. He knew it was Erk, don't ask how, he just did. And you people thought Erk wouldn't get any. Erk sucked Sain off like only a virgin could, except a lot sexier. He licked the pole like it was a lollipop, which caused Sain to moan, which caused Rath to moan, which caused Eliwood to moan and hiss and yell in pleasure. Everything was done for pleasure, because these guys were as horny as cats in heat.

Finally, Eliwood's moans were stifled by Hector frenching him hard. In return, Eliwood started fondling Hector's rock-hard dick, causing Hector to moan. Hector then caused a chain reaction of moaning. Who could out-moan the other? Eliwood, of course, but that wasn't the point. Eliwood stroked the bluenette's cock faster while bucking his hips against Rath's mouth as if he were a bucking bronco. Rath's throat was getting a litle abused, but that was okay, because Rath got off on it. The orgy continued for a few more minutes, then the overpowering manly scent filling the room became too much and they all passed out. Er, started to orgasm. Eliwood came first, his cum gushing out like a river. Rath drank it down like cheap wine. Rath came next, then Sain, and then Erk, whose cum sprayed all over the nice, clean carpet. Oh well, Eliwood's parents wouldn't notice the numerous semen stains, right?

Right. Finally, Hector came all over Eliwood's hand and Eliwood licked off the cum. After a mass orgy of cum eating, the guys laid back against the couch.
"What should we do now?" Eliwood asked, trying to catch his breath.
 "Well, we were supposed to go to the beach today," Hector said.
 "I hope we're not too late," Sain said, "'Cause I wanna get a tan!"
"Nah, it's only ten fifteen," Eliwood said, getting up, still naked, to get a towel from the laundry room. The other guys noted Eliwood was no longer as modest as he used to be. That was how the orgy got started in fact, they'd walked in on him fapping off.
 "Eliwood!" Rath had said, opening the bathroom door with the others behind him, "Are you almost re--holy shit." This resulted in everyone moving from the bathroom to the couch, simply because the bathroom was not big enough for all of them.

Eliwood returned with the towel and started to clean the rug. But they were all starting to get horny again. 'Cause, you know, watching Eliwood clean the rug was such a big fucking turn on. Rath pinned Eliwood down and sucked the boy off.
 "R-Rath...aaahhh...fuck the beach, this is bet-ter..."

They assumed positions again, and a new orgy commenced.

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