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[Usagi's Usual Morning Parody] "Lilina's Usual Morning part 2"

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Jun. 6th, 2007 | 07:31 pm
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posted by: sarajayechan in fe_parodyfic

Title: Lilina's Usual Morning part 2
Parody of: "Usagi's Usual Morning" by Jeffrey "One-Shot" Wong
Author: Sara
Game: Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi
Pairing: Lilina/Sue/Wendy/Sophia/Lalam orgy
Rating: T for TL;DR [M]
Warnings: TL;DR description of body parts, AU, gushing love juices

Lilina moaned like a tigress in heat and leaned back against the couch as Wendy licked her like an ice pop. Her womanly juices were leaking all over the place and her musky scent filled the room as the pink haired girl spread her swollen pussy lips apart to expose her grape-sized clit.

"Ohhhhh, that feels sooooo good!" Lilina moaned, pinching and pulling her own rock-hard nipples. Her legs were raised in a V-shape and spread out wide. Wendy started to suck her throbbing clit and eased a finger inside the blue-haired girl's tight virgin love tunnel. All the girls were virgins, and eating each other out on a daily basis helped them keep it that way.

As Wendy ate Lilina out, she felt someone's mouth latch onto her own throbbing, dripping pussy. She knew it was Lalam. Don't ask how, she just did. Lalam shoved her tongue into Wendy's snatch like she was french-kissing it, pinching the swollen clit between her fingers. Wendy moaned in pleasure.

Meanwhile, Sophia stuck her head between Lalam's legs, flicking her tongue up the folds of her pussy lips, making sure to tease the clit frequently. Man, with this much clitoral stimulation shouldn't they have come ages ago? Or maybe not. Who cares, it's not logic time, it's beat-off time. Back to the pr0n.

While Sophia pleasured Lalam like there was no tomorrow, she started fingering herself.

Sue planted herself beside Lilina and started frenching her. Lilina eeped in surprise, but frenched back hard as Sue kneaded her breast with one hand and slid a finger of the other hand into Lilina's ass. Lilina moaned into Sue's mouth and started fingering her deeply and passionately. The whole room was a chorus of moaning and smelled like love juices, not to mention the love juices were flowing like geysers and dripping all over the place. Careful there, ladies, you wouldn't wanna drown!

Anyway, the licking and fingering and moaning fest continued until the musky scent overwhelmed them.

"OHHHHHH I'M CUUUUUMMMMIIIIIING!!!" Lilina would have screamed if Sue wasn't frenching her, but Sue was frenching her so all she did was moan really loud. She orgasmed like Niagara falls, her juices gushing everywhere. This set off a chain reaction; first Wendy came, then Lalam, then Sophia as she fingered herself, then Sue as her tight virgin slit squeezed around Lilina's fingers. They thirstily drank up each other's cum, then fell against the couch. Lilina got up and sat down on the couch, her legs wide open exposing her still soaking pussy and protruding clit that was still swollen like a grape.

"Well, that was fun!" Wendy said. The other girls were impressed with how she'd outgrown her shyness over the years. In fact, the orgy had started when they'd walked in on her masturbating in the bathroom while humping the sink.

"Yeah, it sure was," Lalam said, idly fingering herself.

"So who's up for the beach?" Sue asked, stroking her nipples.

"Well, it's only ten fifteen," Sophia said, still dripping wet. Wendy got an eyeful of Lilina's exposed dripping pussy and her clit started to swell again.

"I have a better idea," she said, going over and planting her face between Lilina's slender legs again.

"Ohhhhh!" Lilina raised her legs in a V-shape again, her juices dripping all over the couch. That's gonna be a bitch to get out of the leather, aint it? Hope she's got a really good stain remover.

"This is a better idea," Sue said, kissing Lilina. The other girls took their positions, and a new orgy began.


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your entitled savage bitch :D

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