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[Usagi's Usual Morning Parody] "Lilina's Usual Morning part 3"

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Jun. 24th, 2007 | 11:11 pm
mood: accomplished
posted by: sarajayechan in fe_parodyfic

Title: Lilina's Usual Morning part 3
Parody of: "Usagi's Usual Morning" by Jeffrey "One-Shot" Wong
Author: Sara
Game: Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi
Pairing: Wendy/Lalam
Rating: T for TL;DR [M]
Warnings: TL;DR description of body parts, AU, gushing love juices

"Boy, the sun sure feels great!" Lilina said. Lilina, Sophia, Sue, Wendy and Lalam were walking along the beach in super-tight, super-skimpy bikinis except for Sophia, who wore a one-piece but it was also skimpy and didn't leave much to the imagination. Lilina's bikini top was so small her amazing boobs were about to pop out of it, and everyone within a five-mile radius could see her hard nipples pressing against the fabric. The bottoms were practically a thong and kept riding up between the cheeks of her pert ass and wedging between her swollen pussy lips. Every guy in the area had a raging hardon at the sight of her.

"This weather is awesome for sunbathing, isn't it, Wendy?" she said. Wendy's suit was just as tight and revealing as Lilina's, except the top of hers was strapless and the bottom actually was a thong. Her sexy bare back and a whole lot of leg were exposed, and her boobs bounced with every step she took, causing all the guys to get hardons and some to even start taking their dicks out and fapping off to the right of her.

"I can't wait to go swimming!" Wendy said.

"Yeah, me too!" Lalam said. She also wore a two-piece like the other girls, except for Sophia who wore a blue body-hugging one-piece. Lalam's eyes were fixed firmly on Sue's hot ass, and she was starting to get seriously horny. Lalam had been masturbating since she was fourteen years old, and she always moaned when she pleasured herself. Right now she was so horny looking at Sue's hot ass that if she put a finger into her pussy for whatever reason it would come out soaked with her womanly love juices. Her musky scent filled the air and for some reason only her friends could smell it even though it was very very strong. I bet you can smell it through your computer screen!

"I need to masturbate!" her brain screamed as her love juices flowed faster and faster. One might think she'd peed herself if it wasn't obviously love juices flowing down her sexy legs.

"Hey Lalam, I can smell your horniness from here," Sophia said.

"EEP!" Lalam stopped in her tracks.

"You better pull your swimsuit out from between your pussy lips before it gets totally wetter than it already is," Sophia said. Lalam rushed to dig the fabric out from between her engorged pussy lips and accidentally touched her clit. That set off the orgasm alarm in her head and she almost screamed like a siren as her pussy juice came out in a gush, flooding the area and drowning all the passerbys. Just kidding.

"Holy cow!" Sophia yelled. "Guys, Lalam just had an orgasm!" And somehow even though the beach was fairly crowded nobody could hear this little exchange. Aren't they lucky? The other girls rushed over to see Lalam leaning exhaustedly against Sophia. The scent of her pussy juices was turning Sue on like nobody's business, but being Sacaen, she was superior at controlling her urges. Well, a little. She was still human and her pussy was still getting wet from the smell.

"How does it feel?" Wendy asked, getting jealous. It usually took her fifteen minutes to half an hour to have an orgasm because she was a total completist about masturbating. First, she'd play with her breasts until they swelled like hot air balloons, then she'd play with her nipples until they were harder than diamonds. After that, she'd move her hands down to her wet pussy and rub herself until her love juices started flowing like a river, and slide one, then two fingers into her love tunnel and gently thrust them in and out. When she was halfway to orgasm, she'd bring the other hand down to play with her clit until it swelled like a grape. At just the right moment she would take her fingers out and rub her love juices al over her clit, and the sensation would cause her to orgasm juicily all over the place. Just thinking about it was making the pink-haired girl horny beyond belief.

"It feels soooooo good," Lalam sighed dreamily. This made Wendy even hornier as her juices started flowing. She looked down to see the crotch of her swimsuit completely moist with love juices. She needed to masturbate, but even she wasn't crazy enough to do that in public. The soundproof barrier could only hold out for so long, after all.

"Hey, Lalam, we'd better get you cleaned up before people get wind of your orgasm," she said, grabbing the orange-haired girl's hand and dragging her to the bathroom.

"Want us to come along?" Lilina asked, reaching to adjust her swimsuit again. In doing so she pulled the fabric so far out she gave everyone walking by an eyeful of her swollen pussy lips and blue pubic hair.

"No thanks," Wendy called over her shoulder.

"Slow down, Wendy, people are gonna think there's a fire or something!" Lalam said.

"I can't," Wendy panted.

"Why not?"

Wendy grabbed Lalam's hand and brought it to her pussy. Lalam felt how totally wet it was and that Wendy's clit was hard and swollen and pressed up against the fabric. She grinned.

"Ohhh, I see." She brought her hand back up to her mouth and licked it, savoring the taste of Wendy's love juices. "Don't worry, Wendy. I'll help you masturbate," she said, her own pussy starting to flow again.

TO BE CONTINUED!! (dundundun!)

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