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[Florina Fulfilled Parody] "Thany Fulfilled"

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Jul. 19th, 2008 | 04:04 pm
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posted by: sarajayechan in fe_parodyfic

Title: Thany Fulfilled
Fandom: Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi
Author: Sara
Pairing: Thany/Pegasus, Dieck/Thany
Warnings: Bestiality stuffs
Notes: Parody of "Florina Fulfilled". This is short and just something I wrote to use up some creative juices, and to give this place a little activity.

Thany landed her pegasus by the shores of the lake and sat down, exhausted. They'd just chased off a bunch of Bern soldiers and she was exhausted. And for some reason, horny. Being 16 years old and a pegasus knight with a busy life she'd never had sex before, and it was frustrating. Nevermind it should be the last thing on her mind at a time like this. But anyway, she masturbated a lot. Usually thinking of a guy. He'd make out with her, they'd take off their clothes and fondle each other, then he'd screw her senseless. Thinking about it was making Thany horny again so she took off her armor and her panties and started to finger herself, imagining a guy was doing it.

Her nameless pegasus wandered over as he smelled her horniness. He saw her thrusting her fingers in and out of herself and moaning loudly and it made his equine penis feel very hard. He was a horny beast and none of the female pegasi would give him the time of day. Especially Tate's pegasus.

So he came over and started licking Thany's nipples, covering her naked chest with saliva. (Eww, right?)

"W-what are you doing?" the girl moaned, it was so wrong but it felt sooooo good. So she let him lick her nipples and eat her out, and she came rivers.

"Good boy," Thany said, petting his cum-drenched nose. "Now let's take care of you..." She gave him a handjob, which was hard because her hands are so tiny and a horse penis is fucking huge. But it did the trick, and soon it was time for the grand finale. Thany laid back and spread her legs...

...then realized she was about to be fucked by a pegasus. That giant penis could rip her in half! Thany screamed and jumped in the lake. "Sorry, boy!"

The pegasus snorted and went off to bother Tate's pegasus again. Thany shuddered and scrubbed herself repeatedly. "I can't believe I almost had sex with-"

"There you are! Hey, why're you in the lake with all your clothes on? It's not that hot out!"

Dieck stood there shirtless, and she could see he was very hard at the sight of her.

"Silly me!" She yanked her clothes off and tossed them onto the bank. Dieck grinned, took his pants off and jumped into the lake with her, and they had wild sex all evening.


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