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Fire Emblem Parodyfic

Making fun of crap, Fire Emblem style!

Parodies of badfic, starring Fire Emblem!
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fanfiction parodies
A community where you can post your parodies of badfic with a Fire Emblem-y twist, marinated in Lucius' girly manleh juices, and left to cool in Eliwood's Moist Cavern.

Like Fire Emblem? Like badfic parodies? Now, your favorite tastes come together in this brand new community! Here, we take a dash of our favorite badfics from various fandoms and squeeze in some satire, and then mix them together with a pound of Fire Emblem!


1) Golden rule: DON'T BE AN ASS. Be civil to everyone, regardless of taste in characters, pairings, fics, religion, stance on gay marriage, or favorite breakfast cereal. We're not going to agree on everything, so live and let live. Besides, if everyone liked the same things, the world wouldn't be as interesting and hateful.

2) Post all fanfiction under an LJ cut. If you're posting graphic material (sex, violence, gore, whatnot), slap a warning on it. The following posting format is preferred:

Parody of:

3) No elitism. We don't care if you think the GBA games are superior to the SNES ones, how long you've been in the fandom/been playing Fire Emblem/been writing fanfic. Even if you are better than everyone else, don't flaunt it and wave it around in their faces, and do NOT use it as a means of bullying other members. We will call you on it and probably make you look like an ass if we see it.

4) Concrit is good, flames are not. If you're going to give concrit, think carefully before you write something off as bad or wrong. Try to look at other people's stories from as unbiased a standpoint as you can. If you're caught flaming someone, you will be warned.

4a) Conversely, don't dismiss all concrit or suggestions as flames and yell at the people who give them to you. You'll sound like an oversensitive, self-righteous brat, and we will call you on it.

5) This is a fanfiction community, not a popularity contest. I don't want to hear anyone whining or getting huffy because one person's fic got twice as many comments as theirs. We're here to make fun of crap and have a good time, not win any awards. This isn't the Battle of the BNFs or anything.

6) DO NOT PERSONALLY ATTACK THE AUTHORS OF THE ORIGINAL FICS. We're making fun of their stories, not their personal lives. If I see one crack about, say, Bren-chan's mother and dog sex, you're getting a spanking. :P If the author you're making fun of has an LJ and isn't part of the community, put it under friends-lock. This is just so there's no wank or hurt feelings.

7) Anyone caught trying to deliberately stir up shit or troll will be humiliated in a swift and brutal manner. Well, not really. But you will be laughed at and scolded for being an ass. After that you get two more chances to be a productive member of this community, and if you blow 'em, you're banned. And by "banned" we mean "Hit with the Ban Stick five times while marinating in pudding" (okay maybe not. But you'll still get hit with the Ban Stick).

8) Do not disable comments on posts. If you can't handle someone disagreeing with you or giving you less than glowing feedback, don't make the post.

9) Unless the author has already given you permission or requested that you parody them, don't tell the author that you're making fun of their work. I mean, really, it takes the whole fun out of parodying their work.

10) If the mods sense even the beginnings of a flamewar or wankfest, we reserve the right to disable comments and freeze threads.

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WARNING: This community may be hazardous to your health. The mods died laughing many times the day this community was erected.