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[Love in the Forest parody] Jailbait in the forest

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Sep. 1st, 2007 | 10:00 pm
mood: accomplished
posted by: sarajayechan in fe_parodyfic

Title: Jailbait in the Forest
Parody of: "Love in the Forest" by Starri Wanderer
Author: Sara
Game: Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken
Pairing: Erk/Serra, Sain/Tree, implied Kent/Sain
Rating: O for OWWW [NC-17]
Warnings: Underage sex, anatomically inaccurate WTFery, giant penises, tree rape.

This is for everyone who read the original Love in the Forest and had there brains raped. All Pokemon references have been removed so it fits the FE universe better.

Underage sex is bad. I only de-aged them to 12 so I could capture the feeling of the original. Same reason I spell "their" as "there".

One day, Erk, Serra and Sain were traveling Jebus knows where. Sain left them for the evening to meet his friend Kent. They were going out for a beer, then back to Kent's place for a night of hot sweaty buttsex. He promised to be back before dawn the next day.

So Erk and Serra went on there merry way, but they got lost in a forest with no food, water, or condoms. They wandered for a whole three hours until they were tired, hungry and dirty.

Serra went over to a big rock nearby a slow moving river and laid down on it. Erk beat his head against a tree for a few minutes until he had a headache, then he sat down.

"Hey Erk! Have you ever kissed a girl before?" Serra asked.

"No, why?" Erk answered, completely unassumingly, not at all being suspicious that Serra would randomly ask such a thing.

"CAUSE I WANNA KNOW YOU JACKASS!" Serra screamed with her hands pulling his hair.


"I mean, I'm simply curious is all!" The pink-head smiled sweetly.

"Okay if you must know I made out with a poster of Avril Lavigne!" Erk cried, all embarassed and angsty and pissed off now.

"LOL! Now I get to tell everyone your secret!" Serra said. "Just kidding, Erk! My lips are sealed!"

"Good." Erk opened a magic tome and started reading because Erk's a nerd and he likes to read. Serra decided to go to sleep near the river.

Out of nowhere, Erk started watching Serra as she slept and couldn't help noticing what a drop-dead gorgeous little underage hottie she was. She was so pretty and he'd always had secret feelings for her that any idiot would notice a mile away. His penis started growing hard as a rock.

"I've got it!" He stood up, slowly walked over to Serra, knelt down, placed his hands on the side of her face and awakened her with a slow and sensuous kiss.

Serra woke up, but she didn't look too happy. Actually, she looked like she was about to turn him into a pancake.

"OMG WHY DID YOU WAKE ME UP YOU MORON I WAS HAVING A GREAT DREAM ABOUT COWS! I mean I WAS HAVING A REALLY GREAT DREAM!" she yelled loud enough for anyone within a ten-mile radius to hear.

"Well I-" Erk started stuttering like an idiot.



Serra burst into sparkly shoujo tears.

"Oh Erk! I've loved you ever since the day we met and I've been so afraid you could never love me back because I treat you like dirt!" she wept joyfully. Erk gave Serra a really close hug that lasted two minutes.

"That was a very romantic way of announcing your love to me, Erk. Even though from a distance it could be taken as date rape," Serra said with her tears now gone.

"So now I'd like to seduce and make love to you if you'll let me," Erk said.

"Oh, yes, Erk, I've saved myself for you for all these two years! In fact, that dream about cows was actually about you and me having wonderful hot underage sex!" Serra said.

They had a wonderful first french kiss that lasted several minutes. They felt each other up through there clothing discovering there secret places. Erk's penis was growing harder and bigger every second and was about to either break in half or tear through his pants and devour the world.

Serra started ripping Erk's clothes off but couldn't get his belt undone. "OH NOES!!! PLZ HURRY ERK I WANNA SUCK YOUR COCK LIKE A CUM-GUZZLING WHORE RIGHT NOW!" she moaned. Erk whipped out a sharp knife and cut his belt off, knowing full well he could have slipped and accidentally hacked off his penis.

"Cool, you don't wear underwear!" Serra giggled.

"It makes it easier to fap off over the person you love," Erk said. They smiled sweetly at each other, then Serra got down on her knees to marvel at Erk's giant penis. It was regal and majestic and shiny and looked like a missle ready to launch. After getting a good long look at it she proceeded to suck it like there was no tomorrow. Gag reflex? What's that?

"OHHHH THAT FEELS SOOOOO GOOD SERRA OH THAT'S THE STUFF OMG UR SO GOOD!" Erk moaned loudly and repetitively as Serra gave him the best blowjob of his life. Actually, it was the first and only blowjob of his life. Shut up, this is romantic. She played with his balls and sucked his monster dick until his semen flooded her mouth. Serra swallowed every last drop without choking even once, then smiled.

"Mmm, you taste really good Erk! So how was I?"

"Oh Serra you're the best cocksucker ever! I love you!" Erk proclaimed. "Want me to do stuff to you now?"

"Oh yes Erk suck on me all over please!" Serra sat down on the rock she'd sat down on before and untied the ribbons from her pink pigtails, letting her hair flow as if this were a sparkly shoujo manga. Erk began a tl;dr session of taking her top off revealing her perfect 36 C-cup breasts.

"Wow, I always thought you never wore a bra Serra!" he grinned. Serra blushed prettily.

"So how do you like my boobs? Am I visually pleasing to you?"

"Oh yes!" Erk's penis started growing and hardening again at the sight of those tits.

"Please Erk, run your hands over my innocent skin. Kiss my soft pink nipples and make them hard. Love and touch my breasts as if they were your Gods!" Serra begged. Erk did as she asked, beginning his tl;dr pleasuring of her breasts.

Finally, he stopped worshipping her breasts and began yet another tl;dr sequence of removing her skirt and little white panties with pink flowers on them. He was going to see her vagina, it was exciting because he'd never seen a vagina in his life before. Serra spread her legs revealing her glorious vagina with short curly pink pubic hair that had been newly coming in since puberty. It felt very new and mysterious, seeing a vagina for the first time. Think we've said the word vagina enough yet? Maybe a few more times.

"Erk I want you to fondle me all over and make me feel insanely sexual! PUT YOUR FINGERS IN AS DEEP AS YOU CAN ERK!!! I WANNA FEEL AND BE A PART OF YOU ERK!!!" Serra screeched as she was slowly starting to cum all over the rock.

"Serra, I will make you into a sexual maniac by the time we're done! MAKE WAY FOR THE MINE DIGGER!"

He slid one finger into her wet pink vagina, followed by another, until he had his whole hand up inside her. No, it didn't hurt, why do you ask? I mean, just because she's an underage virgin and all.

"OH ERK IT FEELS SOOOOO GOOD YOU CAN'T IMAGINE HOW GOOD IT FEELS!!" Serra shrieked. Erk pulled his hand out (look ma, no blood!) and started to eat her out and lick her clit wildly. Yes, he's 12 and he knows how to find the clit. Talented boy, aint he? Serra cummed and Erk lapped it up.

"Serra your love juices taste so yummy!" he said. He fingered her for a little while longer, then they rested a bit.

Finally, it was time to head for the grand finale and have hot sex.

"I'll lie down in the shallow end of the river and enter you from below," Erk said.

"Oh, yay! Then we can go crazy and try all kinds of different nearly impossible positions!" Serra agreed. They assumed the position and Serra had a bit of an inner monologue about how losing her virginity was gonna hurt like a bitch (yet she had an entire fist inside her without any complaints), so she dropped down on Erk's penis to get it over with. She felt a tearing pain and a single tear ran down her cheek.

"Don't worry, there will only be joy from now on, I promise," Erk said.

And so they fucked. As they were fucking their little brains out, Sain came back (Kent's landlord had kicked him out of the apartment, the bastard) and caught sight of them. "WTF?! There still too young for that sort of thing, and Serra's always being so mean to Erk!" Sain also secretly had a secret desire to fuck Serra. Sure, Erk and Serra are too young to have sex but it's okay if Sain fantasizes about fucking an underage girl. Yay double standards, or something.


"YOU FEEL SOOOOO GOOD ON THE INSIDE!" Erk screamed back. There orgasm was fast approaching as Serra bounced up and down on Erk's now epic-size penis, and then it came. Erk and Serra as one screamed:


Unknown to them there orgasm was the greatest orgasm in the history of orgasms, simply because they screamed the word "Canada". Sain experienced a nifty orgasm too, coming all over the tree he'd been fucking. Oww, can we say splinters?

Erk and Serra fell asleep in each other's arms, Erk's penis still inside Serra. In there dreams they would continue to make love to each other and through the future there love would grow and grow until it devoured the universe.


Afternote: Kids, underage sex is bad. Especially when it involves fisting.

And fucking trees is bad, too. Your genitals are the worst place to get splinters.

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Hikaru "Jayden" Morinaga-Jaye

(no subject)

from: sailorvfan10
date: Sep. 16th, 2007 06:06 pm (UTC)


Sara, I truly love you. This is a masterpiece.



Also, you win Intranetz. Shiny ones.

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your entitled savage bitch :D

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from: sarajayechan
date: Sep. 24th, 2007 06:37 pm (UTC)


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